Dynamic documentation video now available


A video now takes viewers step by step through the enhancements Crossings has made to Cerner’s Dynamic Documentation tool. Physicians can see firsthand how the custom format provides them with a one-stop shop for reviewing the electronic chart, ordering and documenting patient care. With a format based on workflow MPages and smart templates, this solution is seamlessly integrated into clinical workflow to enhance usability, efficiency and communication.

Crossings’ Enhanced Dynamic Documentation lets physicians:

*Automate their documentation and benefit from advanced clinical decision support
*Choose the information that automatically gets added into their notes
*Find and save another provider’s already existing information (auto text)
*Display imaging studies, procedures performed and consults obtained during the current visit
*Add notes in comment boxes that are saved and carried through to discharge
*Search for and add a new diagnosis
*Have diagnoses checked against core measures and quality indicators automatically through a quality advisor
*Reduce the need to remember to review, correct and sign dictated documents
*Have notes available in real time to improve communication and dissemination of information among all clinicians
… and more

View Crossings’ dynamic documentation video here>

Volume 1, Issue 3 – Fall 2015