Informaticists bridge the gap between technology and clinicians

Welcome Carolyn Lockwood, BSN, RN

Carolyn LockwoodHaving the best healthcare information systems means little if physicians, nurses and staff members don’t know how to use them. Or, if computer software doesn’t do the things clinicians want it to do. The need for a liaison between system users and designers has given rise to the nursing informaticist. This is a nurse that specializes in integrating nursing with information management to identify, define, manage and communicate data, information, knowledge and wisdom in nursing practice.

Carolyn Lockwood, BSN, RN is the latest addition to the informaticist team at Crossings Healthcare Solutions. Carolyn works directly with the analysts who build Crossings’ custom products as well as the professionals who use them. She is like a translator, who listens to what physicians and nurses want in their decision support tools, and makes sure the analysts understand these requests. “All members of the technology team come together to find the best way to do what the clinician wants to do,” she says.

The informaticist’s role at Crossings includes implementing products such as the Enhanced Documentation tool and the Patient Care Dashboard into the actual workflows at hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Carolyn recently traveled to Texas to see how one product was performing in a real-life setting. “We talk to the clinicians and identify ‘pain points,’” says Carolyn. “Then we find solutions to the issues.”

Carolyn, who is working on her master’s degree in nursing informatics, came to Crossings because she likes the challenge of helping clinicians by way of system design. “The Crossings’ team is composed of highly talented IS builders,” says Carolyn. “They can take a product and make it more usable for a particular clinician. I find that really satisfying.”

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Volume 1, Issue 4 – Winter 2015