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Measurements: Height / Weight / Allergy Advisor

MeasurementsWhy did we develop this software?

In the interest of patient safety, height, weight and allergies must be entered into the EMR prior to medication administration. We found that these important fields were often not being entered in a timely manner, which caused delays in medication profiling by the pharmacy, and ultimately a delay in safe medication administration to the patient.

Value proposition

This custom advisor streamlines the entry of essential measurements to promote safer medication administration.

Product description

The alert is embedded into the clinical workflow, providing streamlined data presentation and facilitating immediate documentation of height, weight and allergies.

The Measurements Height / Weight / Allergy Advisor includes:

  • Dynamic display of age-appropriate measurements and age-based out-of-range checking
  • Flexible data entry (in metric or imperial), stored in metric form
  • Alerts for any weight value that deviates more than 20% from the previously entered weight