Available software modules


Some of the solutions supplied by Crossings include:

  • Discharge Core Measure Advisor: Alerts physicians about a patient’s core measure status and provides actionable tools to address gaps. Watch a video demonstration >
  • Inpatient Physician Notification: One-click renewal of expiring medications and restraints, manages Foley catheters and central lines, and delivers non-disruptive communication to doctor. Watch a video demonstration >
  • Order History: Addresses challenge of “telling the patient’s story” by sequencing orders in reverse chronological order. Watch a video demonstration >
  • Table of Contents: Provides infrastructure to enable alerting and enhanced navigation. Watch a video demonstration >
  • Electrolyte Advisor: An interactive advisor that facilitates inpatient electrolyte management. Watch a video demonstration >
  • Interdisciplinary rounding: Allows comprehensive concurrent documentation of interdisciplinary team rounding and transitional care planning.
  • Patient Care Dashboard: Comprehensive dashboard of key nursing and patient care metrics.
  • Prescription routing: Custom program that automatically routes prescriptions to printer nearest the provider or patient.
  • Measurements HT/WT/Allergy: Streamlines data entry immediately upon arrival and upon daily documentation. Watch a video demonstration >
  • Smart Template Wizard: Custom Mpage developed to allow staff without Cerner Computer Language experience to build basic smart templates.
  • Powerform Search: Enables quick search of Powerforms with ability to save favorites. Watch a video demonstration >
  • Emergency Dept. Triage: Facilitates enhanced ED communication and efficiency. Watch a video demonstration >

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Volume 1, Issue 1 – Spring 2015