Crossings’ new IT Manager brings a field-level perspective to integration

Marco-MartelloMarco Martello, new IT Manager at Crossings, makes it his business to know how solutions work in real time. He comes to Crossings with an operations background in acute care. His role is helping customers move products into their live information management environment and that requires practical knowledge of a facility and its operations.


“It’s something you acquire by working in a clinical setting, and understanding how much clinicians rely on their software,” he says. Once a hospital purchases a Crossings solution, Martello helps its staff understand how to merge it smoothly into their existing workflows. The team works closely with customers through each phase of development and integration – including design, building, coding in the mock domain, field training and handoff.


To support users with products that are up and running, Crossings team members are always available and ready to log on day or night, wherever they are. Martello interacts personally with customers to provide firsthand knowledge and assistance. “I understand the sense of urgency,” he says. “I’m here to get answers and resolutions. Clinical personnel have immediate, important concerns, and their IT system shouldn’t be one of them.”

Volume 1, Issue 2 – Summer 2015