Paperless documentation with a bonus at North Kansas City Hospital

North Kansas City Hospital In an effort to streamline its nursing workflow and remove unnecessary documentation requirements, North Kansas City Hospital in North Kansas City, Missouri, embarked on a facility-wide upgrade with a goal of going paperless. The upgrade successfully transitioned physicians and staff out of paper charts, but finding an electronic replacement for the “pink sheet” was a struggle. This is the literal pink page in the paper chart where nurses leave non-urgent questions and notes for the doctors.

After doing research, the staff found solutions from Crossings that work hand-in-hand with Cerner’s Millennium system. One is the Inpatient Physician Notification tool, an award-winning decision-support package that includes order renewal, catheters and lines, and communication MPages.

“This is an excellent communication tool that connects physicians and nurses, as well as other clinicians,” says Todd Beardman, MD, a hospitalist at North Kansas City Hospital. “It provides patient information for various clinicians in one view, without having to interrupt the doctor.”

The hospital’s introduction to Crossings led to the implementation of other software solutions. They added the Patient Care Dashboard, an interactive tool for meeting nursing and patient-care metrics, and Quality Advisors, like the Discharge Advisor, which keeps clinicians reminded of important steps and deadlines. The Table of Contents (TOC) highlights action items – such as when a patient needs to take medication – with icons and colors so nurses can quickly address them.

Peggy Donovan, Clinical Informatics Director at North Kansas City Hospital, says after its documentation overhaul and integration of Crossings’ solutions, workflow has been enhanced. “As we look at TOC automation, and embedded alerts like the Electrolyte Advisor and Quality Advisors, we can see a future workflow with less pop-ups and more natural workflow alerting,” says Donovan. “Cerner has great tools in the Millennium system, and Crossings is helping us take full advantage of these tools in the support of quality patient care.”

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Volume 1, Issue 4 – Winter 2015