Problem Solution Category Brief Solution Description
– Do you have delays building smart templates due to lack of CCL programming resources?

Smart Template Wizard


– Custom MPage developed to allow staff without CCL experience to build basic smart templates

– Do your physicians complain about having to manually pick from a long list of printers with unfamiliar names?

Prescription Routing

CCL Program

– Custom program that automatically route prescriptions to printer nearest provider or patient

– Are you struggling with keeping your Cerner environment up to date or maintaining consistent builds across your hospitals, domains or positions?

Auditor Tool web application driven by SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

– This tool is designed for Cerner clients who want to compare builds and identify differences between environments/domains.

Users can quickly:

  • Compare the build from one hospital, one domain and/or one user to another
  • Augment Change management processes
  • Standardize builds across environments