Problem Solution Category Brief Solution Description

– Do you have a comprehensive inpatient physician documentation solution with embedded clinical decision support?

Enhanced Dynamic Documentation


– Comprehensive inpatient physician documentation featuring 10 Crossings’ developed components and smart templates to pull in and aggregate data for physician documentation

– Do you have a problem getting expiring orders and restraints renewed in a timely manner?

– Do you have a problem with effective management of patients with indwelling catheters and central lines?

– Do you have a problem communicating messages to physicians without interrupting them?

Inpatient Physician Notification

• Order Renewal

• Foley Catheters & Central Lines

• Physician Communication


– Award-winning package includes Order Renewal, Catheters & Central Lines management, and non-disruptive Physician Communication MPages

– One-click renewal for expiring orders and restraints

– One-click renewal or discontinuation of indwelling catheters and central lines

– Patient centric, non-disruptive physician communication from nursing, pharmacy and ancillary staff

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– Do you have a problem getting physicians to address core measures prior to discharge?

Quality Advisors


– Alerts physicians about a patient’s core measure status & provides actionable tools to address gaps

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– Do you have a way for your doctors to track and submit their professional billing electronically from the patient’s chart?

Professional Fee Billing Component


– Enables providers to efficiently enter and submit charges directly from within the enhanced dynamic documentation platform.

– Do you consistently follow transfusion best practices?

Blood Transfusion Advisor


– Advisor that simplifies evidence-based ordering process for blood and blood products

Do you have a comprehensive integrated solution for managing inpatient total parenteral nutrition (TPN)?

Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) Advisor


– Management of total parenteral nutrition

– Do you have difficulty managing hyperglycemic syndromes in the inpatient setting?

Insulin Advisors

Advisor – Multiple advisors that guide complex IV insulin management in an evidence-based manner inclusive of diabetic ketoacidosis, hyperglycemic hyperosmolar state, post cardiac surgery and critical care

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– Do your physicians complain that they can’t “tell the patient’s story by looking in the EMR?”

Order History


– Addresses challenge of “telling the patient’s story” by sequencing orders in reverse chronological order

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– Do you have challenges alerting your clinicians to significant events?

Table of Contents


– Provides infrastructure to enable alerting and enhanced navigation

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