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Crossings Auditor:
The new tool created by IT for IT

Reduce down time and quickly find the problem

Developed by IT for IT, this tool allows your team to quickly identify the variance in builds across different domains, which may prevent end users from accessing their patient data. For example, a clinical informaticist creates a build for Hospital A, which requires an order to be routed to a physician for signature. Hospital B implements the same configuration, but for an unknown reason, it is not working as identified. By using the Crossings Auditor tool, IT can compare the configurations, find the discrepancy and make the necessary changes.

The tool provides a way for facilities to standardize their environments across all domains, providing a comfort level that IT staff can configure builds and have the desired results across the enterprise.

“We have three domains across 25 hospitals and greatly needed a tool that allows us to compare across environments, so we created the tool for ourselves,” says Data and Integration Architect, Kegan Smith. “Using this tool ensures everything is in sync so end users can make the best clinical decisions.”

  • Specific areas the Auditor can inventory and compare include:

    • Privileges
    • Preferences
    • Positions
    • Order Tasks
    • Application Groups
    • Position Relationships
    • Orders
    • Careplans
    • Powerplans
    • Powerforms
    • DTA’s (Discrete Task Assays)
    • Event Codes
    • Event Sets

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Are you struggling with keeping your Cerner environment up to date or maintaining consistent configurations across your hospitals? The Crossings Auditor catalogues Cerner Millennium® environments and can augment your change management process and administration between multiple hospitals. Users can quickly compare the environments from one hospital to another, regardless of the domain, or simply compare the settings of one position to another.