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Professional Fee Billing Component

Saving time, streamlining workflow

Are you looking for a way to track and submit your charges electronically from the patient’s chart? The Professional Fee Billing Component is your solution. It enables providers to efficiently enter and submit charges directly from within the enhanced dynamic documentation platform.

Babak Sarani, MD, FACS, FCCM, Associate Professor of Surgery, Director, Center for Trauma and Critical Care and the George Washington Transfer Center at George Washington University, says he has been using the module built into Cerner to bill both his operative procedures as well as non-operative patient encounters for the past several months. “Prior to this, I used a combination of methods to generate patient bills, including a billing module that was used by my physician group, as well as one that had been built into a separate EMR. In both instances, this component built into Cerner is faster, easier to use, and has a readily accessible platform that reminds me which patients I have and have not billed,” says Dr. Sarani. “Searching for the proper code is very easy, and I have been able to set up my most frequently used codes in my favorites folder. Using this module saves me at least an hour a day, and the office staff is able to generate ad hoc reports to monitor billing activity and ensure that all patient encounters are charged. And even better, I did this while using the Dragon feature in Cerner.”

Currently a hospital-based component used in acute care facilities, this tool can provide decision support for coding, allowing you to see a history of what has been billed for the patient for the current week. Since each physician handles billing differently, the tool provides options for the physician, including a printed charges report or a custom interface directly to your billing system.

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