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Software Modules

Current Software Modules — Advanced Clinical Decision Support Software

Crossings Healthcare Solutions currently offers a wide range of advanced clinical decision support software, including tools for physicians, nurses, information services specialists, informaticists, departmental needs and behavioral health needs.

  • Tools for Physicians

    Streamline the physician documentation process and more at your facility.

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  • Tools for Nurses

    Our tools for nurses include the Patient Care Dashboard and many more.

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  • Tools for Information Services Specialists and Informaticists

    We offer a variety of tools for your information services specialists and informaticists.

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  • Tools for Departmental Needs

    Facilitate enhanced communication, throughout and efficiency in your department.

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  • Tools for Behavioral Health

    Electronic documentation and management of the Behavioral Health Treatment Plan.

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Future Software Modules

Crossings Healthcare Solutions will release one major software module per quarter.

Inpatient Tracking Board (EBoard)

The Inpatient Tracking Board (EBoard) is a dynamic substitute to the handwritten whiteboards. The EBoard is integrated within the Cerner Millennium platform to provide caregivers with real time data. The solution aggregates patient specific information in one location to improve patient care and allows for more time to focus on the patient.

The first view, MyBoard, allows for user interaction and is viewable from within the Electronic Medical Records (EMR). This view provides detailed, interactive information. The second view, EBoard, displays on large monitors to bring information together in a distinctive view for the healthcare team.

Benefits include:

  • Allows for alerting of time sensitive needs such as Sepsis Alerts or Discharges
  • Displays key information without having to access the patient chart
  • Double view that incorporates relevant information and can be accessed via the Cerner EMR