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Cerner Regional User Group (RUG) webinar recap

Optimizing Dynamic Documentation

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Crossings Healthcare Solutions presented a Lunch and Learn Webinar, Enhanced Dynamic Documentation & Improved Clinical Workflows on the Cerner EMR, in February 2018. The webinar was designed for Cerner Regional User Group (RUG) members, which include clinicians and IT professionals from organizations using the Cerner EMR.

Crossings and UHS Chief Medical Information Officer Ori Lotan, MD presented the webinar on the WorkOutLoud™ Customer Community platform to approximately 85 attendees.

The presentation detailed the success of Crossings’ Enhanced Dynamic Documentation at Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS) facilities. Attendees learned about specific optimizations that could help their organizations reap similar benefits, including reduction of transcription expense, provider efficiency and satisfaction, as well as reduced documentation time in the Cerner EMR.

Enhanced Dynamic Documentation success at UHS hospitals

Webinar highlights

The presentation featured Crossings-developed components including:

  • Note Settings – Providers may customize the information that will populate their note for each of the workflow MPages by means of 65 custom smart templates.
  • Quality Advisors – Checks for Quality Measure adherence on the workflow MPages, allowing physicians to address any gaps in care.
  • Auto-Text Sharing – Providers can search for another physician’s auto-text and save it as their own auto-text.
  • Physician Communication – Addresses a number of common inpatient challenges, including prompt renewal of expiring medications and restraints, effective management of Foley catheters and central lines and non-disruptive communication.
  • Hospital Course – A free-text component allowing for documentation of Hospital Course and pulls forward per visit. As such, the documentation within this component facilitates collaboration by multiple providers. This information will populate the discharge summary, a big time saver.
  • Order History – Shows a reverse chronological history of orders and order modifications.
  • Assessment and Plan – Allows for documentation of Assessment and Plan, Discharge Planning and Quality Measures.

Listen and download the presentation from the Enhanced Dynamic Documentation & Improved Clinical Workflows on the Cerner EMR webinar →