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TransformativeMed Partnership with Crossings Healthcare Solutions will Enhance EHR Usability, Increase Physician Satisfaction

Software integration will help providers augment and extend EHR functionality, driving greater clinician satisfaction

TransformativeMed, the leader in transforming electronic health records (EHRs) with apps directly embedded within the EHR, announced today a strategic partnership with Crossings Healthcare Solutions that will address challenges with EHRs, increase physician satisfaction and improve clinical efficiency. The companies’ solutions are highly complementary, as each delivers custom solutions that enhance Cerner’s EHR system to improve clinician satisfaction through better workflow, ease-of-use, efficiency and communication.

Numerous recent studies, surveys and news reports have chronicled the national epidemic of physician dissatisfaction with technology, and attribute much of the problem to excessive administrative tasks, including the perception that EHRs are insufficiently clinician-friendly. A recent article in HIT Infrastructure points out the results of a joint paper where 83 percent of clinicians, clinical leaders and healthcare executives said that physician loss in satisfaction and sense of efficacy in their work was a significant problem at their organization. The article also says that the biggest problems with EHRs is that physicians experience poor workflows, alerts are often unhelpful and distracting, and documentation processes are burdensome.

“Physician satisfaction and clinical efficacy are critically important, and technology must improve these,” said Rodrigo Martinez, MD, Chief Clinical Officer, TransformativeMed. “By combining TransformativeMed’s expertise in clinical communication and collaboration with Crossings Healthcare’s proficiency in clinical decision support, we will combine our technologies on the desktop and on mobile devices and embed them into the clinical workflows within the EHR. This creates an even better user experience for the clinician than using either product alone.”

The combined TransformativeMed-Crossings Healthcare Solutions tools will build on the companies’ synergy between clinical content, technical resources, sales distribution and an unwavering commitment to improving patient care. Both organizations’ solutions have a track record of improving physician and nursing productivity, efficiency and satisfaction, while simultaneously providing favorable return-on-investment for their clients.

“EHRs hold strong potential to improve care, but they must be designed with clinicians’ workflow in mind,” said Ori Lotan, MD, CMIO, Crossings Healthcare. “We are proud of our track record of implementing innovative solutions that have produced high provider adoption and satisfaction while reducing charting time and delivering significant ROI to their sponsoring organizations.”

The TransformativeMed-Crossings Healthcare solution is already proving beneficial to The George Washington University Hospital, one of its early adopters.

“Prior to this, I used a combination of methods to generate patient bills,” said Babak Sarani, MD, FACS, FCCM, Director, Center for Trauma and Critical Care and the George Washington Transfer Center. “This is faster, easier to use, and has a readily accessible platform that reminds me which patients I have and have not billed. This module saves me at least an hour a day, and the office staff is able to generate ad-hoc reports to monitor billing activity and ensure that all patient encounters are charged.”