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East Alabama Medical Center Completes Successful Electronic Physician Documentation Go-Live with Crossings Healthcare Solutions

East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC), a leading provider of healthcare services in Lee County, partnered with Crossings Healthcare Solutions to enhance its Cerner EHR platform even as the COVID-19 pandemic raged on. EAMC and Crossings remained determined to bring Crossings’ Enhanced Physician Documentation System live on the planned timeline, even in the face of an unprecedented global pandemic.

Crossings quickly activated a plan for virtual operations to support EAMC’s go-live of the Crossings’ Enhanced Dynamic Documentation package. The virtual go-live, Crossings’ first, utilized videoconferencing technology to enable all parties to communicate, share information, and be prepared to respond quickly to anything.

Through the virtual implementation, the Crossings command center team was able to seamlessly collaborate and share resources with the team at EAMC. This remote strategy enabled the team to offer virtual training and support services to the clinicians at the hospital. Because the process was virtual, the Crossings team was able to have more flexibility to be available after-hours and at times convenient to EAMC.

“I was very pleased with the whole go-live experience,” says Tom Stokes, MD, a nephrologist at EAMC. “The Crossings virtual command center had plenty of support people on and available. We had access to everyone we could possibly have wanted.”

The remote go-live resulted in a successful and on-time implementation of the Enhanced Dynamic Documentation package. The shift to virtual training and conversion support also resulted in a significant travel expense savings of approximately $35,000.

Despite the COVID-19 crisis, Crossings Healthcare Solutions was able to meet the needs of EAMC — safely and securely. The experience gained in the virtual support model paved the way for similar virtual training and go-live activities at EAMC moving forward.

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