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Crossings launches custom-developed Perinatal/Related Records tool at Huntington Hospital

Crossings Healthcare Solutions offered hospitals around the country the chance to win a custom MPage within the Cerner Millennium® system, based on an innovative idea or solution to a need. The lucky recipient of the “Win Your Dream MPage” contest was Huntington Hospital in Pasadena, California. An excerpt from their entry read:

“We would love to have an MPage for our clinicians that pulls information from both baby and mom’s chart. It is very tedious to troll through both records to find discrete data that could be driven into one summary page.”

The Perinatal/Related Records tool, which Crossings will launch this spring at the hospital, ensures pediatricians, obstetricians and maternal-fetal nurses have a singular place to view all necessary information from both mother and baby’s electronic charts.

“Before this tool, there was no solution that aggregated data from both mother and baby’s records for streamlined review by clinicians caring for these patients. There were also gaps in the process because manual copy actions had to be taken, creating variability in workflow,” says Jaclyn McGlone, Project Lead, Clinical Informatics. The new tool eliminates the need to tediously flip back and forth to find individual data, a time-consuming process that is prone to error.

The project consisted of design and implementation of the solution, including assessment of the hospital’s current environment and workflow, design sessions with end users, software building in the hospital’s domain, assistance with testing, training materials and support of the conversion after launch.

“This project is a great example of the solutions that can happen collaboratively between Crossings and an organization,” says Marco Martello, Crossings Project Manager. “A lot of facilities have ideas they want to implement, but they don’t have the capability or skill-set in-house. If Cerner users identify a gap in workflow, Crossings has the designers that can build a solution.”

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