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Note Settings Component and Smart Templates: Taking Physician Documentation to the Next Level

The Note Settings component combined with Crossings’ custom-developed Smart Templates is an exciting component of Crossings Healthcare Solutions’ Enhanced Dynamic Documentation solution that streamlines the documentation process for physicians by providing templates for clinical notes. For organizations seeking to increase their adoption of electronic physician documentation and improve their documentation procedures overall, the Note Settings and Smart Templates solution offers far-reaching benefits.

According to Marco Martello, Manager, Information Systems, “One of the key benefits of the Note Settings tool is that the provider can customize the information that will populate their note for each of the workflows and they only need to complete this once. It also drives uniform notes and improved quality by standardizing the information.”

Crossings Healthcare Solutions offers a catalog of 80 templates that organizations can implement to help streamline their physician documentation process and optimize their Physician Documentation solution.

Martello adds that the time savings realized from the Note Settings and Smart Templates is two fold. “Not only does it reduce the time it takes physicians to create notes, but it helps result in about 70-80 percent of the discharge summary being pre-completed, which is a valuable feature of the Crossings solution.”

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