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The Crossings’ Clinical Informatics Team Continues to Grow

Crossings Healthcare Solutions is pleased to welcome two new additions to the Clinical Informatics team!

In their new roles, Danh Vuong, MSN, RN, and Linh Palcher, MHA, BSN, RNC-MNN, will be liaisons between system users and software designers, using their nursing knowledge and experience to help identify and define enhancements, efficient clinical workflows and more for Crossings Healthcare Solutions.

Danh’s experience includes bedside nursing in orthopedic trauma, clinical research in cardiac surgery, and most recently, informaticist work in the skilled nursing facility and long-term care setting. Since March, Danh has been focused on learning, but he’s already excited by what he’s seen.

“The Crossings tools and components are much more intricate and complex than other solutions I’ve worked with, so there are lots of opportunities for innovation and new ideas,” says Danh. “Open sharing and collaboration are a big part of this environment, so I’m really excited to be in a company with the technology where I can contribute to making a more powerful EMR.”

Linh couldn’t agree more. She joined the team in early May and is getting acclimated participating on projects that include standardization efforts and wound imaging. According to Linh, “The entire team is supportive, and each individual has a voice–it’s very motivational and I feel lucky to be here.”

Linh worked as an obstetrics nurse for several years and more recently as a credentialed educator for a large clinical implementation. This made her path to the clinical informaticists role a natural one. After doing system validation, curriculum development, teaching close to 25,000 end users, and providing shoulder-to-shoulder support for two EHR go-lives, Linh gained a keen understanding of how system changes can affect end users.

“Now I can appreciate how one button can make an end user’s whole day better,” says Linh. “Overall our goal is system optimization, but always with a focus on the client, because in the end, your clients are the ones who are affected.”

  • Danh Vuong, MSN, RN

    Clinical Informaticist

  • Linh Palcher, MHA, BSN, RNC-MNN

    Clinical Informaticist



Danh and Linh bring several years of nursing knowledge to the Crossings team. They’re putting their experience to work by helping define innovative clinical workflows and enhancements.

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