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Revenue Cycle Project underway to convert legacy financial systems

In recent months, a major initiative kicked off to replace the legacy financial systems of acute care facilities operated by subsidiaries of UHS and Independence Physician Management (IPM) practices. For the acute care facilities, their Cerner HS (Siemens) INVISION® Registration and Patient Accounting system will convert to Cerner Millenium®, while the IPM practices currently using Cerner ASP (Application Service Provider) will migrate from a standalone environment to the hospitals’ system.

Once complete, the Revenue Cycle Project will deliver a clinically driven financial system with integrated clinical and billing components for all of the sites within the same database. This supports data flow continuity from registration to billing through clinical charge capture, both within the EMR and across inpatient and outpatient encounters. Aiken Regional Medical Centers and Aiken Professional Association will be the first sites to convert once the initial design, testing and conversion preparation phases are complete.

For more information about the Revenue Cycle Project, call 610-994-2200 or email [email protected].

Crossings Team at Cerner Health Conference

Representatives of Crossings Healthcare Solutions at CHC. Left to right: Marlon Ali, Marreddy Yeruva, Sheree Whitley, Charles Moore, Dana Kruger, Ori Lotan, Vishal Dhara, Ehab Hanna, Justin Monnig, Susan Armbruster.

Visit Crossings Healthcare Solutions at the Cerner Health Conference, October 9-12, 2017

The Cerner Health Conference is an annual industry-leading event for healthcare and information technology professionals. Join us for immersive, experiential and peer-to-peer learning.

Crossings will be on hand for the fourth consecutive year with live product demonstrations for physicians, nurses, clinicians, IT professionals and more.

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For more information, email [email protected] or call 610-994-2200.