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Tools and Reports to Support Our Clients Impacted by COVID-19

A message from Justin Monnig, General Manager, Crossings Healthcare Solutions

Just a quick note to say I am thinking of you, your staff, and your patients. I would like to offer you the tools and reports we have created to support our clients impacted by COVID-19.

The safety of our employees and clients is our priority. As many of you know, Crossings is a subsidiary of Universal Health Services, Inc., with 26 acute hospitals and 300+ behavioral health hospitals. I’m updated daily on the impact Coronavirus is having on our clinical staff and hospitals. The IT Department, CMIOs and informaticists have been utilizing the Crossings Solutions to help assist the nurses and doctors on the front line.

Tools and Reports

The following tools, created to assist UHS and our clients with the COVID-19 pandemic, are available.

Crossings Patient Care Dashboard

A new Infectious Disease Section identifies patients who have a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case.

Patient Care Dashboard Dynamic View

Patient Care Dashboard Dynamic View

Patient Care Dashboard Summary View

Patient Care Dashboard Summary View

Custom Reports

HealtheAnalytics (Tableau Dashboards)

  • COVID-19 Current Inpatients: Daily Inpatient Census of PUI (Patients under investigation – anyone who has a current pending order and hasn’t previously tested positive) and Confirmed Patients.
  • COVID-19 Previous Day: Total number of newly confirmed, admitted, discharged and PUI patients for the previous day.
  • COVID-19 Running Total: Running total of all Inpatient PUI, Confirmed, Discharges, and Deaths. Running total of all PUI and Confirmed.
  • COVID-19 Case Map: Cases by Location utilizing patient’s zip code of all Confirmed and tested cases by facility.
  • Surgical Case Volume: Completed cases compared to cancelled cases due to COVID-19.

Power Insight (PI Reports)

  • COVID-19 Rescheduled Surgical Cases: Schedulable report for all Surgical Cases Cancelled due to reason of “COVID-19.”
  • COVID-19 Canceled Surgical Cases: Schedulable report for all Surgical Cases Rescheduled due to reason of “COVID-19.”
  • Daily COVID-19 Report: Daily report of all COVID-19 orders. An order will fall onto the report if there was any type of action, such as confirmed/denied/ordered.

Discern Analytics (DA2 Reports)

  • Explorer Menu COVID-19 Canceled/Rescheduled Cases (Perioperative): Provides list of all surgical cases that were cancelled or rescheduled due to reason of “COVID-19.”
  • Published Report COVID-19 Pending Orders >7 Days: Provides all COVID-19 orders older than seven days and are still pending results from reference or health department labs. Users have the ability to run report for one or more facilities.
  • Published Report COVID-19 Pending Orders >7 Days Cumulative: Similar to the above report but provides the cumulative total for all facilities in that domain (domain view of all facilities).
  • Published Report Crossings White House Coronavirus Task Force – COVID-19 Data: Provides the cumulative number of diagnostic tests ordered, received and resulted. The report also includes the number of COVID-19 tests that performed and resulted in Positive.


  • @covid_hx_with_brief_ros – COVID History with Brief Review of Systems
  • @covid_brief_physical_exam – COVID Brief Physical Exam
  • @covid_Intubation_note – Assists in documenting a procedure note for intubating a patient positive for COVID-19

There is no cost for these tools, and we will install the tools or help you install them into your Cerner environment. If you need assistance implementing your own COVID-19 changes into your environment, we are available to help and/or provide advice. Please contact us.

Thank you for being a valued client of Crossings.


Justin Monnig, General Manager, Crossings Healthcare Solutions