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What’s New at Crossings?

A sneak-peek at solution developments

physician with tablet

Crossings Healthcare Solutions has several unique developments underway and scheduled for release later this year. See below for highlights:

Table of Contents Plus (TOC+)

Get ready for passive alerts, the ability to enter data, and a highly customizable user interface in TOC+, the new phase of Table of Contents. TOC+ gives users the flexibility to customize settings, flag tabs for their own favorites short list, and benefit from the efficiency of actionable information and input elements right on the Table of Contents. Critical lab values, condition-specific details, and more are now available at a glance whenever you need them.

Proposed Orders

As part of the Inpatient Physician Notification tool, the physician Communication tab is being enhanced to provide proposed orders as part of the multiple existing order management features. In the same place where they renew and discontinue orders, users now will be able to view, accept or reject proposed orders.

Charge Component Integration

The existing Charge Component feature will now be integrated with Cerner charge services, enabling all actual charges to be viewed in one location.

Assessment and Plan History

As an existing part of Crossings’ Enhanced Dynamic Documentation, the Assessment and Plan component will give doctors the ability to reference notes from a previous patient visit, enabling a more complete historical view.

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