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Inpatient Physician Notification

This unique software was designed to address a number of common inpatient challenges. These include prompt renewal of expiring medications and restraints, effective management of Foley catheters and central lines and non-disruptive communication to the physician.

Inpatient Physician Notification integrates seamlessly with workflow processes so that you use the minimum number of clicks possible, and it includes education and tutorials embedded right in the software … just hover over a functionality to learn how to use it.

Value Proposition

This module offers award-winning tools that facilitate non-disruptive order renewal and physician communication.

Easy to Use Tool

Just one click lets you:

  • Renew expiring orders and restraints
  • Renew or discontinue indwelling catheters and central lines
  • Communicate patient centric information with the patient care team, including nursing, pharmacy, ancillary staff and other physicians.


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