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Quality Advisors

What will Quality Advisors do for you?

Quality Advisors hardwire core measures for physicians in a way that fits seamlessly in their workflow. Instead of adding disruptive alerts or forcing physicians to complete manual checklists, Quality Advisors work silently in the background and enables concurrent core measure review by physicians in their normal workflow. If all core measures have been met, the advisor remains in the background and does not fire. However, if all core measures have not been addressed, the Advisor pops up and provides actionable prompts to remedy each deficiency.

Value Proposition

This innovative software ensures physicians address core measures at discharge by providing actionable tools from within the advisor.

  • Improved Outcomes

    Quality Advisors provide significantly improved core measure performance in congestive heart failure, stroke and acute myocardial infarction.

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Intuitive tool facilitates quality care

The Quality Advisors tool is triggered when a discharge order is placed and it automatically reviews the status of three core measures (AMI, CHF and Stroke) in the EMR. Completed measures receive a green check mark and incomplete measures are flagged red and reminders are given so that physicians can easily complete missing information directly from the tool. The software includes built-in logic to ensure it presents only acceptable orders and documentation elements


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