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The Crossings Behavioral Health Software Module

Behavioral Health Treatment Plan

The only electronic solution for documentation of the Behavioral Health Treatment Plan in the Oracle EHR.

  • Innovative solution for management of Behavioral Health Treatment Plans
  • Extensive condition-specific content library
  • Flexibility to adapt content as clinically needed
    • Long Term Goals, Short term goals, Interventions
    • Strengths/Assets, Deficits/Liabilities, Discharge Criteria and Planning, Patient Participation
  • Intuitive and efficient user interface
  • Enforces documentation requirements
  • Drives positive outcomes
  • Facilitates documentation with enhanced chart review
  • Leverages dynamic documentation to publish to medical record

Add new treatment plan for sample patient

Treatment plans for a sample patient

Behavioral Health Workflow mPage Enhancements

BH High Risk Notifications

  • Improves visibility of important patient events

BH Triggers and Coping

  • Allows quick access to critical information when the patient is escalating

Patient’s Own Medications

  • Innovative solution to manage medications that the patient has brought to the facility
  • Integrates nursing and provider workflows

Nurse workflow

Patient's own medications, nurses workflow


  • Promotes improved outcomes by prompting for reconciliation of unfulfilled quality measures
  • Intuitive placement in provider workflow that minimizes clicks and avoids unnecessary chart navigation

Assessment and plan for sample patient

Note Settings

  • Allows end user personalization of content/data in physician documentation templates
    • End user personalization eases maintenance burden on IS staff
  • Facilitates inclusion of documentation requirements in physician documentation

Note settings

Assessment and Plan

  • Innovative solution to document physician Assessment and Plan
  • Facilitates leveraging prior documentation to improve efficiency
  • Clinical Decision support platform that promotes adherence to quality care
  • Promotes completion of documentation requirements

Enhanced Table of Contents

Intuitive and innovative solution to enhance chart navigation, provide decision support and facilitate chart review.

Enhanced table of contents Enhanced table of contents